January 2008

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. We have been busy with more important things like BABIES!!! On 9th January, Diana gave birth to the most hansom baby in the world! Of course, we would say that! He is called Sebastian Peter Clowes. More photos at Here is a photo:

On another note, the weather has been awful – just as well really as we have been busy with nappies etc! We are off to the country this weekend but I doubt it will be flyable. Richard Westgate has sent me a DEMO paraglider to try out. It is the Gradient Aspen II. I am VERY excited about this as I hope to continue my flying addiction this year. Here is a photo of this cross country machine:

I shall be using my harness which is not a racing harness like this one shown. But it does have a foot styrup so… Roll on the summer! The days are already getting longer and before we know it the flying season will be back with us… Sebastian has already wispered to me that he can’t wait to learn to fly!!