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Tom has a wonderful story to tell and does so in a brilliantly straightforward entertaining style which kept our audience rapt for the duration. He makes the extraordinary seem within reach for the most ordinary of us and left this listener wondering why I had not attempted similar feats. Tom is inspiring and I would thoroughly recommend him.
Dominic Evans Freke - de Gournay - Director
Tom delivered an inspiring talk to a group of our senior managers. He talked with passion about his 2006 ascent on Everest accompanied by some amazing slides and film. Skills required to survive on unforgiving mountains such as decision making, risk taking, teamwork, positivity, optimism and respect translate well into the corporate world. We were looking for a motivational speaker to fill a one hour slot in the middle of an intense day and this worked perfectly.
JB Corrie and Co Ltd - John Corrie - Chairman
Your speech was thrilling - it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you.
Pilgrims School - Geoffrey Hammond - Teacher
It is always hard to appeal across the demographics of the club, but you nailed it and have a new fan club of ladies of a certain age!  You could hear a pin drop whilst you were speaking, an audience captivated by your quest – a heroic journey to conquer Everest. Such a gripping, motivational account of challenging life in the mountains - expertly relayed with raw emotion and modesty – a story not easily forgotten.   A real treat, thank you!
The Hampshire Farmers' Club (AGM) - Sarah Cowlrick - March 2020
Tom’s talk – which included brilliant photography and enthralling video footage of their expedition –  had the boys, staff and parents hanging on his every word. While Tom touched on the importance of perseverance and goal-setting, the talk was all the more well received for its simplicity – a story, modestly told, of two brothers fulfilling a long-held dream to conquer the world’s highest mountain. Tom is a hugely engaging, personable and charismatic speaker – and after an hour in his company, you’ll be more determined than ever to conquer your own Everest.
Woodcote House School - James Scholefield - Teacher
We have such positive feedback and many great comments about how good you were, so huge well done and thank you from us all.
Tenzing Private Equity - Ian Coghlan
You were most generous with your time and your talk was riveting if not somewhat out of this world – awe inspiring.  Hats off to your Mum for coping so well at the time – she must be so relieved that both you and Ben have “calmed down” and not so bonkers.   In the words of Mark Twain – you have followed your dream and went out and did it.  A tremendous achievement and you are both to be congratulated. A big thank you for attracting a great audience with your talk, allowing us to raise some invaluable funding for Animals Asia.  A most entertaining evening.
Animals Asia
A moving and honest account of climbing to the top of the world. Thank you Tom for sharing the highs & lows and the physical & emotional challenges of your adventure. A fantastic evening accompanied by stunning photography and video footage - thoroughly enjoyed by young and old alike.
Conifers School - Emma Smyth - Headmistress
I loved your talk this evening at Cowdray - I am always inspired by films of Everest and yours was up there with the best; I felt like I was sharing each step with you. Great to see that you are inspiring the next generation to be the best that they can be by finishing the talk with the quote from Mark Twain - great stuff a very polished performance and it has left me very humbled.
Member of the audience at Cowdray Hall
Thank you so much for taking the time to come and talk to 'Team Riverhill' on Thursday.  We thought your talk was really brilliant and I have had excellent feedback.   Everyone was struck by your laid-back approach to the climb and also by your modesty.    Several of the volunteers have described it as their 'perfect evening' and so we couldn't really hope for better than that!
Riverhill Himalayan Gardens
Tom’s visit to Harting Primary School filled the hall with school families and many visitors from the village and beyond.  The feedback afterwards was very enthusiastic and rightly so; Tom’s modestly disarming account of his ascent of Everest with his brother did more than anything I have seen or read to convey what is involved in conquering the highest peak in the world. An enthralling evening with some very memorable images, Tom’s visit also gave our school’s fundraising a fantastic boost raising over £1,000.  Having, in the past, booked school speakers for many years and sat through the consequences, I can confidently say that Tom stands out as one of the best I have seen and I thoroughly recommend him.  Thank you, Tom!
The Roundhouse Project at Harting Primary School
One of the best speakers we have had. Fascinating, informative and evocative. Thank you.
Having been through it all myself, I found the talk a frank account of both triumph and despair on Everest. It was pitched at a level that hit nerves of both hardened climbers and Sunday walkers. Compelling, sad, funny and frightening.
KENTON COOL (IFMGA Mountain Guide)
A compelling and inspirational talk. Our students enjoyed it very much.
Quite the most inspiring story I have heard in a long time displaying motivation, decision making and teamwork at altitude. It hit just the right note for us at our annual conference in Las Vegas. Thank you.
Hewlett Packard - (USA) - David Roberson (Senior Vice President)
Excellent content and very suitable for ages present. Visual aids were super, especially the video and stunning slides.
The pupils didn't stop talking about it. You can tell they enjoyed it because they were unusually quiet and attentive at the Sunday morning assembly!
The passion oozes out of you when you speak about climbing which makes listening to you an absolute pleasure.
It was particularly useful for girls contemplating taking part in World Challenge. We will definitely have you back.
Thank you so much for your most enjoyable lecture last week; the children were enthralled to listen to your adventure. We wish you well for the future.
A superb presentation well prepared, well delivered with an excellent storyline which interwove earlier experiences with a casual humour. The audience and I were particularly impressed by your very honest and forthright manner and were overawed and inspired by incredible photographs and video footage. An excellent presentation summarising an amazing achievement a highly self-motivated individual. Thank you.
ExxonMobil International Ltd
Both Dênia and I on behalf of the team would like to say Thank You for an amazing, inspirational and highly motivational session, enjoyed by all and one which raised many questions in our minds of application of the lessons learned in our own personal and work lives. One member of the team expressly said he appreciated the way you told your story allowing us to reach our own realisations.
British Telecom
We were honoured to present Tom with 'Life Membership' to the Outdoor Swimming Pool! Thank you for a wonderfully informative and memorable evening. A total of £1,200 was raised for the Swimming Pool Fund. A fantastic result! Thank you so much!
Hathersage Swimming Pool Fund
We enjoyed your talk very much; the video was particularly effective.
Tom and his brother Ben gave an outstanding lecture after their attempt on Everest from its northern side in Tibet. They spoke with complete honesty and passion and we wish them all the very best when they return in 2006. We hope that they will come and speak to us again. Thank you both very much.
Great Ormond Street Hospital
We liked your answers to questions - well handled, and very thoughtful and well considered. The lecture was plainly much enjoyed and pitched perfectly for this 7-13 age group.
The fabulous photos and excellent talk kept all the pupils and staff totally engaged. We will definitely want you to speak again to other year groups in future years.
Fast moving and amusingly anecdoted the lecture produced a real sense of tension at times and gave a good overview of Nepali culture - it's not just crampons! The sixth form were hugely appreciative.
...an example of how to encourage young people to break out of the sanitized and homogenized world in which they live, to seek and achieve a challenge. I would recommend him most strongly to any other school.
We all loved it. Thank you so much.
Our lively 6th form were spellbound.
An informative, well delivered and excellently illustrated talk. Its overall effect must have been to inspire the young audience to have dreams and to aim high in everything that they attempt. Many thanks.
It was hugely enjoyable.
A very well-structured and interesting Presentation.
A hugely recommended lecture.
Very informative, entertaining and perfectly pitched for the diverse audience. Delightful evening.
You went down extremely well. I think your talk really opened up their eyes to just how harrowing, and yet breathtaking, a serious expedition to the Himalayas really is.
The pupils enjoyed a well prepared and entertaining talk. Slides were clear and the video helped the audience appreciate the hardships of the expedition. Delivery of the talk was confident and clear.
An inspiring Lecture, thoughtfully presented which appealed to the range of girls aged 11-18. Quite a feat! Thank you.
The lecture was a huge sucess. It really is an inspirational story and one that is clearly very fresh in your memory. The variety of visual stimuli (video/photography/kit) was excellent for the children and they were certainly entertained. We do have a lot of speakers visit our school and it is always refreshing to have someone who can interact well with the children and tap into their imaginations so effectively. Thank you!
The lecture was very well received by the pupils, they were truly fascinated by the gory details! Many thanks for coming.
Tom's presentation was professionally and charismatically delivered. He captured the imaginations of the pupils and fielded their questions at the end of his presentation with humour and panache. Worth every penny!
A fascinating presentation that kept the audience engaged and interested throughout.
An interesting and enjoyable presentation, particularly for the non-climber. Students found the video footage especially effective.
It was great having you and I have had lots of excellent feedback. The boys were really animated about your lecture - more so than I have seen in a long while! I shall pencil you in again for five years time...
We loved it! The students were enthralled by the story. A super presentation and well told.
I would like to say how much we all enjoyed your presentation at the Royal Geographical Society. It certainly made a deep impression on me. What was so moving was the most engaging way you put over such a gripping story. I don't think we can thank you enough for that brilliant evening and for the magnificent financial support.
Tom’s talk to fifty 12 year old boys was excellent. Tom kept them enthralled and entertained during his 45 minute description of his ascent of Everest. The boys were fascinated and particularly excited to see the tent and other equipment that Tom had used on the expedition. I thoroughly recommend this lecture for a top year group at prep school.
Tom's standard of presentation, slides and video were of a high standard and most professional. He interacted very well with the pupils and fielded questions with humour and assurance. This talk is excellent value and inspirational to youngsters who might consider taking up this activity. We will certainly have Tom back for another talk.
Entertaining, amusing, but above all challenging. An hour of silence from totally entranced 7-13 year olds is a difficult feat to pull off - as hard in its own way as conquering Everest!
It was an unforgetable, inspirational evening. We learnt a lot about mountaineering and even more about motivation. The students could not stop talking about it the next day. Thank you and hope to see you again soon at Milton Abbey!
A big thank you from all the pupils and staff here at the school
Thank you for coming to St John’s, many people have commented how much they enjoyed your presentation. I am certain you will be invited again!
Tom's presentation on his Everest experiences was extremely well received by the large gathering of young geographers. His wonderful range of photographs really brought the Himalayan Mountains alive. Thank you.
OUNDLE SCHOOL - Peterborough
The boys certainly did enjoy themselves! That much was obvious from the deafening applause, the number of questions and the amount of discussion amongst the boys both yesterday afternoon and today. Thank-you again for a truly inspiring presentation.
An excellent lecture last night in support of the RNLI and quite clearly enjoyed by a 'full house' - you certainly earned your supper; well done!
PETERSFIELD SCHOOL - in aid of the RNLI - Sir Jock Slater, RNLI Chairman
Nothing but excellent feedback from the students from your talk. Thank you once again.
The students found it a most absorbing and inspiring talk. It was the perfect motivational fillip before the exams and there was a real buzz in the air afterwards. As you will no doubt be aware firing up the upper sixth in May on a Friday afternoon is no mean feat. Thank you!
This morning was absolutely great. The feedback we’ve had from our kids has been extremely positive already. Their behaviour and conduct was also a reflection of how much they enjoyed listening to you. Thank you very much for coming all the way to Portland.
Thank you so much for an inspiring talk.
A great session which kept everyone in amazement and awe. Students and staff have commented how inspiring it was, showing that with a real goal and purpose anything is possible.
THE DUKERIES COLLEGE - Nottinghamshire
Tom gave a truly inspirational lecture, leading the girls through all the highs and lows as he and his brother made their attempt on Everest. His lecture was accompanied by some stunning pictures of the Himalayas and some rather less stunning views of frostbitten toes. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the lecture and I'm sure were inspired by his philosophy of believing that you can achieve your dreams.
Tom's relaxed, confident manner and simply gripping story of an ascent on Everest was brilliantly illustrated, and was a true tale of how sheer determination to do the job led to success. And the pictures of frost-bitten toes were a grim testimony to what success can cost.
It was one of the best talks we have had and the children were really excited by it.
We thoroughly enjoyed your talk. You told the story exceptionally well and you could see how gripped the children were. I very much like your delivery and you got the boys and girls thinking. Fabulous photographs, and the short film at the end was a perfect climax.
Tom gave the children of Hornsby House and Finton House an inspiring lecture on the journey he and his brother undertook to the summit of Everest. Supported by wonderful photographs and excellent visual aids, our Year 6’s were captivated by the story. The children left the experience with a real determination to push themselves in future, and to seek adventure within their own lives. A real treat for pupils and staff alike.
Having Tom Clowes describe his experience on Everest was the ideal way to round off our corporate event. The themes of the day were enhanced by his presentation, an enjoyable and well-paced blend of humour, drama and inspiration. Not everyone can aspire to climbing Everest, but hearing an enormously self-motivated person describe his approach to problem-solving puts fresh perspective on the issues that we all face in our professional and personal lives
Hewlett Packard (UK) - Andrew Dodd - European Market Development Manager
Thanks so much for speaking at our April kick off this year. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt such a lot. What you said appealed to people on so many levels and people referred back to your talk in their presentations later on in the conference - so you definitely made an impact. Thank you so much!!
Talaris (formerly 'De La Rue') - Pamela Welch (Marketing)
Many people left the talk wanting to achieve more in their lives. Your story is an inspirational one and has many messages relating to taking risks, overcoming challenges, hurdling obstacles, decision making tactics and ultimately how to work as part of a team. We thoroughly enjoyed the talk and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in hearing a remarkable story of determination and success
Slaughter & May
The ideal way to round off our event.
Tom Clowes gave a keynote presentation at our recent company day where the theme was team work. The knowledge of his subject and the theme of attempting Everest was very powerful. He gave an excellent insight into the difficulties encountered when climbing at altitude and the importance of teamwork to succeed. His slides and video gave us all a wonderful insight into his subject whilst at the same time he ensured that the relevance to us who work in an office was not lost. All of us found it fascinating and a very good 'off the wall' subject to focus on as part of our team building day. The interest and enthusiasm from every level of staff member was a reflection of how thought provoking and impressive the subject and speaker were. We all left the room with a will to succeed what ever the adversity but to also evaluate where you are on that path to success to maintain focus
FOCUS Information Limited - Matthew Hopkinson - Director
Tom and his team gave an excellent lecture at the RGS after their successful climb on Ama Dablam. We are extremely grateful for the money they helped raise. Thank you so much.
The IRIS Fund
Thank you for coming to speak at the show - you went down a storm!
The Destinations Travel Show - London