Paragliding – Easter weekend, 2007

Diana and I spent Easter in Devon and on the way down we stopped for some flying at Westbury. It was a beautiful day but the winds were light. The flying was very ‘scratchy’ and I probably managed about an hour of flying in total that day (Easter Friday). Met up with Jim Mallinson, Mark Russell and Eddie Colfox who were all flying ‘hot ships’! I was flying my old Gradient Topas (1-2 glider).

On the way home we stopped in Dorset to see the parents-in-law. After lunch, I dragged Di up to Batcombe where the skies looked epic. Very light winds again, however, and persevered ending up with four top-to-bottoms. Mark Russell was there with his tandem and so was Tony Farthing from the Devon and Somerset Condors. I returned home dreaming of flying more this summer!

On May 11th Olu Deniz bekons in Turkey where we shall be flying with friends for a whole week! Bring it on…