Saturday 21st April – White Horse

On Saturday 21st April, I flew for just under 3 hours over the White Horse behind Milk Hill in Wiltshire. When I arrived it was quite windy so I sat and had a sandwich. I then laid out my gear and checked it before deciding to give it a go. I pulled on the brakes and was lifted straight up. It was a beautiful afternoon and I managed to fly all the way along to the road and thought of crossing it when I was high. The lift was not quite good enough so I decided not to. Also, my car was parked by the barn at the opposite end and I didn’t feel like the long walk back. At one point there were about 14 gliders in the air including one hang glider. I was the second last person to land as the sun was setting. I flew as far as I could back to the car before landing and packing up. I was smiling! I think I have a paragliding problem – I can’t stop thinking about the weather or where to fly next. I am dreaming about flying cross country from thermal to thermal…