Shining TOR

It was another top Bank holiday… Diana, Sebastian and I travelled up to Hathersage in the Peak District to stay with Michael and Mary. On arrival there were a number of paraglider pilots flying (as I suspected there would be!) at Eyam Edge. We got up there and I was too ill to even get the glider out of the car! The forcast predicted it would be one of the best days for thermic flying this year! I was gutted but know I made the right choice not to fly as I felt light headed and weak! So we sat in field and had lunch while Sebastian crawled all over us!

That same morning Ben had been flying around the Spinaker Tower in Portsmouth on his motor which made me even more green with envy!

Anyway, that night, Ben drove up to see us in the Peaks and the following day, in the evening, we were rewarded with some blissful soaring at Shining Tor in the Peaks as the sun was dipping. I would recommend this area to anyone who has not been here – it is very near the Cat and Fiddle Inn on the road from Buxton to Macclesfield.

I must have been ill as I took no photos! Sorry!