Swimming in Snowdonia 1-7-07

Diana and I went to Snowdonia and stayed at our favourite hotel – the Pen-y-Gwryd. The forecast was for torrential rain but we decided to ignore the forecast. As usual, the car was brimming with climbing gear and of course, the paraglider. None of it left the boot of the car as it did not stop raining!

On Saturday morning, we met our great friend, Ian Wilson-Young (Rock Jock). He works in Hamburg and was over for the weekend. He had slept in his car on the Friday night as he had arrived late. We met him the next day in Pete’s Eats and then went and bumbled around the gear shops in Llanberis – it was far too wet for anything else. We then decided to go skinny dipping in the tarn behind the hotel which was hilarious.

That night we all ate and drank far too much and played about 10 games of ping pong. The rain that night was so torrential that our room sprung a leak in the ceiling. Luckily it was not over the bed so we did not bother to move rooms – it just added to the atmosphere of the place.