The calm before the storm

For the last few weeks I have been gagging to fly my demo glider (Gradient Aspen 2) that Richard Westgate has lent me to try. On Sunday 9th March, Ben and I got up early and drove to Butser Hill, not far from Closewood. We got there at 9am and between us we managed lots of ground handling and about 20 minutes of flying between us on Butser’s West facing slope. By 11am the wind was blown out. There were no other pilots there!

I loved the feel of the Aspen 2 on the ground – I found it very responsive and it flew a lot faster than my ancient Gradient Topas which I have had for about 10 years. I want to try it again in better conditions and ideally, I’d like to do some thermalling before I buy it but so far, it’s looking good for the summer.

The weather is windy and rainy here in London which we hope will pass quickly by…!