Cycling the ‘Dunwich Dynamo’ on a Penny Farthing

The ‘Dunwich Dynamo’ is an annual cycle ride that is always held under a full moon. It is not a race. It starts at 8pm at the Pub on the Park by London Fields in East London and finishes at the Ship in Dunwich in Suffolk by the sea. It is 112 miles and one rides through the night. This year my brother Ben and my friend Richard and I chose to ride it on our Penny Farthings. We set off at 6.20pm (a little earlier to avoid the rush) and we finished at around 9.30am and had a dip in the sea. What a ride. The atmosphere, the other riders and all the pubs and little hot dog and coffee stalls along the route. I can thoroughly recommend it! Next year the Dynamo happens 20-21st July, 2024.