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Cycling the ‘Dunwich Dynamo’ on a Penny Farthing

The ‘Dunwich Dynamo’ is an annual cycle ride that is always held under a full moon. It is not a race. It starts at 8pm at the Pub on the Park by London Fields in East London and finishes at the Ship in Dunwich in Suffolk by the sea. It is 112 miles and one […]


The Hebridean Way on a Penny Farthing

We started pedalling on 19th May, 2023 from Vatersay – the start of the Hebridean Way. My two friends were carrying all the gear on their bicycles. We wanted to remain free to camp where we ended up. Along the way we were invited in for the night, we were bought breakfast by hotels, strangers […]


Promotional Penny Farthing day for Mr Fogg’s & Hendrick’s Gin

On 13th April, we spent the afternoon riding around Mayfair and Covent Garden on Penny Farthings doing a promotional video for Mr Fogg’s and Hendricks Gin. The weather was on our side and a lot of fun was had. There were 10 of us altogether and my good friend Neil Laughton from the Penny Farthing […]