The Hebridean Way on a Penny Farthing

We started pedalling on 19th May, 2023 from Vatersay – the start of the Hebridean Way. My two friends were carrying all the gear on their bicycles. We wanted to remain free to camp where we ended up. Along the way we were invited in for the night, we were bought breakfast by hotels, strangers bought us lunch, campsites waived their fees and CalMac Ferries did not charge us to use their ferries. By the end of the mission, word had spread and people were handing us £20 notes for our chosen charity – The Stroke Association. The Outer Hebrides are beautiful and wild. The people are warm, friendly, kind and generous. It was one of the most rewarding expeditions I have ever been on and it made a deep impression on me. We raised nearly £15,500 for the Stroke Association. One day, I shall return!